Latinas Rising was created after seeing  major social justice issues in our communities being ignored. Mental  health,  violence against women, and education are at the forefront of what we do! Latinas Rising seeks  to bring these issues forward  through unique collaborations, service, and advocacy.  When women come together and share their stories of struggle and triumph a learning collective is formed. This collective has the ability to change the world.  Hand in hand, we will change generations. Welcome to the collective!

Currently we are working on the  Latinas Rising™ Anthology.  It is a beautiful collection of stories from powerful women who have pushed through life’s adversities.  Topics covered are violence against women, mental illness, education, and immigration. Our goal is to create awareness on topics not readily discussed in many communities. We seek to empower, educate, and heal  through story telling, art, and fellowship. Latinas Rising™ Volume 1 will be on shelves September of 2019.

Front Cover


A  Latinas Rising Magazine is in the works for January of 2019. We hope to highlight topics that are affecting our local communities and highlight women creating social change through advocacy, education, and service.