A Heartfelt Letter to a Fellow Chingona

“I was really happy to get this far. For all the moms out there, I was playing for you today.” – Serena

Dear Serena,

You are what we call, Chingona(bad-ass)! Ten-months after having a baby, major surgery, and near-death experience, you showed -up and tried at the Wimbledon 2018 Tournament. You, my fellow-chingona demonstrated grace, poise, and an indescribable toughness that many mommies demonstrate daily. I’ve watched and re-watched your Wimbledon 2018 post-interview and each time I cry. Why? Well, I think of myself and all the other mommies that show up daily trying to balance mommy-hood and work life. Your openness about the difficulties and vulnerabilities of showing up validates the realness of “mommy guilt.” I too have missed the first steps, been the late mommy, and/or had to apologized for not being available for a school trip. However, your transparency validates me and every other mom that struggles with “mommy guilt” with burgeoning exhaustion from showing up. Pero(but), you’re chingona and the G.O.A.T! We’re all chingonas, because winning half the battle is just that showing-up and trying. Ah, but you were “too tired today” or any other day, no worries, hermanas(sisters). Remember, and if you need a reminder of what self-compassion looks like, watch Serena’s post-game interview. The biggest take-away is just that, you’re doing the best you can, show-up when you can, and try, but with a little self-compassion consider yourself winning!

Sincerely Tu Amiga,

Tpot James

Latinas Rising Co-Founder

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