Soy Afro Con Un Grito


       Soy Afro Con un Grito

I’m not any more or less Mexican and Black
I don’t have to choose to walk a fine line
Or straddle the pinche fence
It’s too hard and emotionally depleting
The Reoccurring, am I this or that enough until I speak
oh, yes the reaction validates me
Basta! There’s no more need to be validated
Soy quien so
I am Who I am
No necesito mariachi para hechar un grito
So don’t test me because I can go chingona and sister girl
I’ve learn to code switch well before it became a thing
I had to, because It was only me, singular, the difference, the negra/mayate in the room
Teased for my accent when they couldn’t even Speak two languages
Bilingual didn’t mean Shit because I didn’t look like you,them,todos
I had to liberate myself because you, my people/ mi gente wouldn’t do it for me because I don’t look like you, them, todos
Counted me out because I don’t have the monikers or the “common last names” so I have to prove to you I am Enough
Today, I tell you con un GRITO,
“I am enough because I SAY SO!


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