HTX Latina Therapist Feature: Fierce Cipota Power

YesAs National Hispanic Heritage Month soon comes to end, Latinas Rising will continue to celebrate the presences of Latina therapists’. Yesenia Villalta is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, “passionate about inspiring and empowering others” to heal through one of our ancestor’s greatest gifts-storytelling. Yesenia’s true passion-coaching and advocacy through speaking and consulting on issues impacting marginalized communities.  Yesenia describes herself as a creative non-conformist with over 10 years of clinical experience working primarily with marginalized individuals and communities.  She’s intentional in practicing  trauma-informed care with integrative holistic perspective and progressive approach.

Yesenia is currently in private practice in the Seattle, Washington area and is known as a healer, educator, and coach. She provides healing spaces for people of color seeking to make changes in their lives. Please help us celebrate this fierce Salvadoreña by checking her out at

Love & Light,

Latinas Rising 


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