Essential Oils: The Natural Guide to Health Care


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What’s the Buzz?

It is no secret that healthcare is in a tremulous state. We have no idea what path healthcare will be taking in the future. Many are looking to alternative health care options. Instead of the traditional pharmaceuticals and the co-pays attached many households have incorporated essential oils for healthcare and wellness. At pennies per drop much cheaper than the medical clinic co-pays that range anywhere from $5 to $75 per visit.

What are essential oils? What’s the buzz? Well they have been around much longer than one thinks as far back as biblical times. Essential oils are volatile aromatic compunds that are found in bark, seeds, petals, stem, root etc.These compounds are small organic molecules that tend to change quickly from their solid or liquid state to a gas at room temperature. They are called volatile because they change state quickly. When you first open a bottle of essential oil, you instantly notice that the aroma is potent and you can smell it typically even from some distance. The physical and chemical properties of the volatile aromatic compounds that compose essential oils allow them to quickly move through the air and directly interact with the olfactory sensors in the nose.

Properties vary dependent on the essential oil many carry multiple properies. Frankincense and Copaiba work as an antidepressant, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antitumor, expectorant, immune stimulant, sedative and skin. Like prescription drugs you often have to find the essential oil that works well with your physiological make up. Lavender works well for sleep; however, others with more brain chatter rely on oils like Vetiver or or cedarwood. Most essential oils have little to no side effects but reactions can occur.

Essential oils enter your body initially through your cells within minutes entering through the blood system takes longer 3 to 4 hours. While most essential oils can be applied topically directily on the location a favoriate application is to diffuse the oils. Breathing in the oil is the quickest way for the oils to enter your body. doTerra* essential oils are filler free and most can be taken internally. The entire family can use essential oils including children and animals; however; precautions apply.

So the next time you are sick with the common cold or flu consider the alternative method of essenital oils before you reach for the OTC medicine.

Happy oiling!

* Disclaimer: This article refers to essential oils in a general state; however, doTerra essential oils are referred to when discussing applications.

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Marcia Sanchez

Marcia is a doTerra Wellness Advocate. She has a 30 year background in healthcare management. She has been using essential oils for over 20 years. She teaches essential oil classes on a weekely basis to large and small groups. Contact Marcia for more information on essential oils or to schedule a class in person or online at 541-419-2101 or via e-mail at Visit Marcia on FB at Two Drops of Oil or instagram Marcia Sanchez



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