Arregla Esa Cara! 5 Quick Ways to Help Children Manage Emotions

Fix your face! Arregla esa cara! Many of us can relate, especially if you grew up in a Black or Latino household paired with a flying shoe or chancla. As children, we inadvertently learn to internalize feelings and emotions, consequently, creeping its way into adulthood. So, when we’re asked, “How are you today?” We fix our faces and say, “fine.” However, it’s okay to express emotion and name those feelings. ¿Pero cómo? We can practice and model healthier ways to manage emotions and outwardly express our feelings.

Here are 5 tips to teach children how to identify feelings and manage emotions:

1. Name the feeling ( Mijo,  you appear upset or it sounds like you’re angry )

2. Talk about how feelings can be expressed (Mijo, getting angry is very normal but it’s not okay to hit others or when mommy gets frustrated I take 3 deep breaths )

3. Offer a deep nurturing connection (HUGS! Yes, a hug goes a long way especially when your child is feeling sad or upset)

4. Resist the urge to punish  (PUT THE CHANCLA DOWN SLOWLY!  Help your child   process and manage emotions, instead of punishing. )

5. Praise and often practice the steps above (great job practicing your breathing or I notice you getting angry but you used your words)

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