Worry is like an uninvited comadre. Pero esta comadre, THE WORRY COMADRE can be best described as a habitual, dysfunctional, and a constant companion that is difficult to break-up with it.  The Worry Comadre es como una espina que es difícil  de expulsar. Nostors las mujers are at higher risk and twice as likely than men  to suffer from anxiety disorders, pero, Latinas are at an even higher risk. Como, Rocio Ducal says,  “es verdad que la costumbre es mas forte.” Yes, worry is a habit and a distorted way of thinking that results in constantly feeling anxious.

The Worry Comadre embodies doubt and she treats doubt like “PELIGRO.”  I’ll be  honesta, I struggle with anxiety and I too have a pinche Worry Comadre. Pero hay maneras de manejar la preocupación (fear of the unknown). You can change esta costumbre by understanding the following, ” Worry tricks you into thinking DOUBT is a sign of  danger ” hence, we want to avoid the discomfort of doubt like the plague.  I challenge you to try the popular 21/90 rule, commit 21 days straight of telling The Worry Comadre when she comes uninvited the following:

Sin bola de cristal.  Yes, I’m worried and feeling discomfort about_______, but I can’t predict the future. Literally ask yourself, can you predict the future. The answer is likely, NO!

Be the judge. What evidence do you have comadre that supports that three years from now it will rain and you will not have a rain coat.

Write your worry down! Yes, writing your worries down and seeing them on paper can help you think from wise-mind opposed from an emotion- mind. Once written reread it and ask yourself does this sound logical.

Get Grounded.  Connect with nature, beber un té, conectarse a su cuerpo a través del movimiento, or call and chat with a comadre that you trust and listens without judgment.

Terapia. As you know, I’m a psychotherapist and an advocate for encouraging others to engage in therapy. Learning healthier ways to manage worry, but not limited to addressing ansiedad can happen with therapy. Also, MINORTY MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS!

Now, once you have committed to 21 days and established healthier habits to manage worry, continue for 90 days. AHORA HACIA  ADELANTE!

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