What Happen to My Real Education?


So much to know about the Isla Hipañola popular known as La Republica Dominicana. I spent my childhood years learning what “America” wanted me to learn-lies upon deceit mixed with some truth via their public books they approved of. When I could have been learning about my own land’s truth about colonization, massacres, wars, victories, rich history and the list goes on. I’m grateful for what I was taught in my Dominican household and frankly, Dominicans were everywhere in NY, so the cultura, music, and food was always part of my lifestyle. Bigup to the bodegas y los salones. However, I wish more time was deposited in teaching the nitty gritty truths of the Isla Hispañola. It may have also been the “American dream”, of my mama to show us the land of opportunity and what it had to offer.
Either way, I’ve been in this journey of learning the truth of my African -Taino – Caribean history and making sure my kids and their seed hold on to it.
We are American born, but, America is not our mother Land. We need to be careful and not lose our stories, our history- language, costumbres, and traditions.

Picture by Charles Aston-

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