About the Founders

Meet Sol,  founder of Latinas Rising and Sol Creative Media.  Sol was inspired to create these organizations for women to create positive social change through literature, art, and digital media. Latinas Rising seeks to advocate and educate underserved communities on issues such as sexual assault, domestic violence, education, sex-trafficking, mental health, and immigration. She is an avid writer, poet, and traveler.  Sol believes you can change the world by being brave, confident, and compassionate.

Her favorite words are, “Just Show Up”.

Meet  Edna Mojica, Co-Founder of Latinas Rising.  She hails from the Republica Dominicana and is a proud New Yorker.  She is an activist, educator, author, and founder of La Conqueress Production. She has devoted over 15 years to social work revolving around domestic violence and sexual assault using her voice and writing as her art. She is proud of her Afro-Caribeña roots and focuses her work on fighting against violence against women and girls all around the world. La Conqueress reflects Edna’s mission. She believes the language of the arts is a universal language powerful enough to impact change in an individuals life that will then provoke healing in nuestras comunidades. (MTC=More Than a Conqueror)

Meet RGV native and  Latinas Rising Co-founder, Tasha James, M.Ed., LPC is a proud Afro-Latina and a  licensed professional counselor with a passion for promoting mental health awareness and recovery for individuals and families directly impacted by untreated mental health disorders. Over 14 years of experience working with state, local, private, and county entities Forensic Interviewer, Family and Child Youth Services Specialist, Mental Health Clinician, Emergency Department Mobile Assessor, and Psychotherapist in Houston, Texas.

Tasha James Personal Motto: “Breaking the stigma of mental health wellness through representation.” Y  ‘hablando de l a ropa sucia que se lava en casa.’


Together we bring you  Latinas Rising!